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Stop Saying Success Is The Best Revenge!

How wonderful it would be to have lived in the 20th century! 

Not because I crave the world wars or the absence of facebook; but because I would have lived in the same century as Frank Sinatra. Arguably one of the most popular and influential singers of the 20th century, I would give anything to ask him what exactly he meant when he said Massive success is the best revenge! 

This quote has seen many versions of itself, most popularly when Beyonce sang in her hit song flawless that “The best revenge is your paper “ . Khloe Kardashian  also started a reality show called Revenge Body with  Khloe, where it is constantly repeated that “The best revenge is a hot body”. Okay Avengers, let’s start from the basics. 

To take revenge means to take a retaliatory action against someone or people  who have hurt you and success? Well, the concept of success is so broad,  it’s hard to confine to a definition. However,  people have likened success to many terms including  content,  time, fame, peace and the ultimate; money (let me know your definition of success in the comment box below ). 

There are 3 reasons why you should stop saying success is the best revenge. 

1. It Belittles Your Hardwork. 

I got into secondary school at the age of 9 and stayed top of my class for the five years that it mattered. In my final year, I managed to get suspended  and struggled to pass my final exams;  WAEC, UTME and post UTME. I got admission into the University of Ibadan to study Physiotherapy and I’m currently in my 4th year, struggling to maintain good grades. 

To become a practicing physiotherapist after my five years in college, I must undergo a one year internship and from there move on to the National service to the country; NYSC. After these, I can begin to practice at the lowest level and would begin to look into getting a Masters and Phd.

Besides being a physiotherapist, it is my desire to be a certified nutritionist and Yogi and to pursue modelling and photography  as a hobby while maintaining a writing and public speaking career. 


Picture me, a few decades later, strolling the streets of Florence. In my eyes, the unmistakable quality of happiness so sweet you could almost taste it, hand in hand with a husband as shiny as a freshly peeled egg. The picture of a perfect vacation. 

I stop to take a selfie.

Selfie taken. 

I click on the instagram app and select my just taken selfie to be uploaded, my brain thinking of a caption.

 I write.

Stay grinding. Success is the best revenge

In 7 words, 60 seconds and 90 heartbeats,  I have managed to confine my entire story to one phrase. 

 “A retaliatory action”. 

2. You have no assurance of their suffering. 

 I get it. We want to become successful so that we can stick it up the noses of those who didn’t think we would. But if the aim of revenge is to hurt the other person,  you have no assurance that your success is actually a pain in the necks of your “haters”. I hate to be such a bummer but what if they’re actually happy for you? What if they’re not even aware of how “successful” you are? What if you’re just one more in their lives? 

In the event that your success does hurt the person/people you were out to get,  then… 

3. You’re no different from them. 

A priest once told me.

If you don’t like a pig and decide to wrestle with it, soon,  there would be no difference between you and the pig. 

They took pleasure in your hurt/poverty/failure. You set out to be successful and stuck it up to them. Now they’re hurt by your success and you take pleasure in it. Two peas in a pod! 

 I call it the cycle of evil and it’s probably what Selena Gomez tried to break when she said Kill them with kindness. 

I don’t know if success truly is or isn’t the best revenge,  but I know that Success is the best showoff! And for instagram captions and witty tweets,  that should suffice! 

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21 thoughts on “Stop Saying Success Is The Best Revenge!”

  1. What you said makes sense. A valid point of view. Basically do things for yourself and not for others. I think that’s healthier 👌
    I’m following your blog, hope you follow mine too 😊


  2. Nice write-up but I don’t think when they say that they meant that you take it to heart. You’ll just die of anxiety.
    I seem to like the quote that says “for all the doors they slammed in our faces, we’re coming to buy the building”. Truth is if someone wants to succeed, like genuine success that comes with happiness, they soon drop that notion and just grind for their peace of mind.
    Keep it up jare. Where’s that follow button sef 😁


  3. I like the message behind this piece
    Success shouldn’t be a tool for vengeance rather, it should be a reality check and a lesson to those who let you down
    Vengeance is mine… Saith the Lord.. Lol.. I’m being biblical here
    Keep doing your thing Ana.. We’re supporting


  4. Wow! Great piece. I like the way you painted the picture of the vacation in Paris( Florence is in Paris I think, correct me if I’m wrong). Selena Gomez’s KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS also captivates me too , my Mentor will always say the best people to show KINDNESS to are those who have been ‘Unkind’ to us.
    You’re a writer that’ll go places, keep up the good work ma’am


  5. True talk, your “enemies” might not even notice. Working to make them see is extra stress I swear. I mean, I can’t even get my crush to notice my new hairstyle after days of planning and hours of hard-work.


  6. I think revenge in this sense is to find an antidote to the hurt you felt in the first place, not necessarily hurting the cause of the hurt. So in essence, success being the best revenge means then that it’s the surest route to happiness (which is the exact antithesis of being hurt) and happiness from success is pervasive enough to completely replace that earlier (hurt) emotion. Nice piece though and good use of humour. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yeah, I totally agree with your point of view. Prior to reading this, I always wondered why people say that. It never made perfect sense to me. That one’s sole or major drive to succeed is revenge. It just doesn’t seem right.


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