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6 Life Lessons I’ve learned From Yoga. 

A good friend once said “This life is awkward “.

I agree. You never know what is in store for you or what different events in your life could teach you. 

8 months ago when I started the very rewarding practice of Yoga, I was just a fitness freak who needed a spice to my daily squats and weekly cardio. I would finish my workout sore and do a little “stretch” to ease the tension in my muscles. Fast forward to today, I dedicate at least 3 hours to practice every week and I have benefited both physically and mentally from this healthy habit. 

Earlier, I said you never know what you can learn from the various events that take place in your life. Well,  I have made a list of 6 unusual lessons about life that yoga has taught me. With or without yoga, I hope you too can learn from these. Enjoy! 

1. Appearances are deceiving. 

Our world is becoming more and more visual thus making this a very important lesson for me. This lesson comes in two forms; 

First, everything is not as easy as it looks

I used to look at yoga pictures on social media  and say “oh she has both feet on the ground, I can manage that” but getting  into the practice has made me realize that poses are harder than they appear. Same with life! Good following on social media,  clear skin and a couple designer bags is no guarantee that a person is having it easy with life. Most times, they’ve struggled a lot to get to that position and are probably still struggling! 

Second, how you think you appear is completely different from how you actually appear! 

This one cracks me up! In yoga practice, there’s a pose known as the reverse warrior pose and this is what it’s supposed to look like

Here’s a picture of me doing the exact same pose

I know you laughed and I forgive you. However, we must understand that our mind’s eye sees things diffently from others. Failure to understand this is what we term ‘lack of perspective ‘and is the cause of many failing friendships and relationships. 

You think you’re being opinionated? He thinks you’re just downright rude! 

She thinks she’s just being caring? He thinks she breathes down his neck! 

Relax, the problem most times is not with our actions but with our perceptions. I don’t know the solution to this but I believe if we accept that we all perceive things differently, we would be so much happier. 

2.You can’t achieve everything on your own. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Case closed. 

3. Balance is everything 

 A lot of people have a wrong belief that the sole benefit of yoga is to get more flexible. It’s very disappointing to learn as a beginner, that your flexibility and strength are nothing without balance. Take for example the dancer pose aka natarajasana. It requires equal levels of flexibility and balance to achieve.

In the real life, we have different strengths and weaknesses. While it may be tempting to focus only on the good or that which we are good at,  it is important to understand that balance is key in surviving life! 

4. Sometimes, Do nothing! 

 You see not every yoga pose requires weird twists and ‘crotch-smelling positions’.  My favorite pose is the corpse pose and it is so called because you literally just lie on your back,  completely relaxed, like a corpse! Not every action in life requires an equal and opposite reaction. Sometimes, it’s okay to do nothing and just let things play out the way they would. 

5.. Hardwork is nothing without Persistence. 
So what you busted your ass doing 3 hours of yoga yesterday? If you don’t get up tomorrow and the day after and the day after to keep practicing, the essence is lost and you would find that you are still unable to carry out some basic poses. 

This applies to every life situation. Don’t just work at it. Keep at it! You’ll never achieve your goals without persistence. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean! 

6. Be Penny wise and Pound foolish 

Say what?

What this means is that if you take care of your pennies,  the pounds would take care of themselves! If you want to do a back bend, start by stretching your spine. If you want to cook spaghetti, start by boiling water. Same thing! 

You made it to the end!  I hope you enjoyed my yoga lessons and learned from them too. To create this photos, I teamed up with Hablat pictures and it was an amazing experience;  check out her instagram here.

Have you ever done yoga? What have you learned from it? Would you ever try it?  Let me know in the comment box below. 

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27 thoughts on “6 Life Lessons I’ve learned From Yoga. ”

  1. Neat and tight lessons here. I’ve never done yoga before. But it’s one of the things on my list to try out since I kind of was into workouts when I used to indulge myself.

    Your poses are super sleek. So flexible you are. Damn girl


  2. Mehn! I love how the lessons are picked wittily from yoga and how you present them. 🧘‍♀️ I’m just a lazy girl who doesn’t like overstretching her bod but still want a bang shaped.

    From what I just saw now, I’m getting my ass up and resuming my skipping for a start till my body get used to this exercise life again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I laughed,I’m sorry 😩

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and from one yogi to another I can say SPOT ON!!
    Nice post…xxx


  4. I used to be a Yogi at a point in my life when I needed emotional & mental balance and it really really helped me and I enjoyed it, but now I’m not even half as consistent as I was before, that’s a life lesson too. Thanks so much Chisom, I’m going to start all over and be more consistent this time 🤗


  5. Yeah right, I laughed 😁😂, sorry o. When I stumbled on yoga in 2013 (wait that’s 5 years already o), it looked so easy and cool. Then I used to be very obsessed with Indian movies and more importantly, because I had terrible back pain from bad posture. The forward bending pose looked so easy but I felt like I was going to die. The downward facing dog was a big struggle because I couldn’t plant both feet on the floor like in the pictures. I had to start with tiptoes first, my body was so tight and inflexible. Thankfully, I can laugh about this now and flex now (small sha). And your life lessons got me nodding seriously and hmmming. Thanks for this!


  6. Wow! Lessons Learnt!
    No, I’ve never tried Yoga and Yes, I’d definitely like to try it out because like I just read, it teaches a whole lot apart from just the flexibility part that we all know plus the way you wrote about it was enough to get my attention.
    You write really well.


  7. Wow. These lessons are indeed very relatable. I had to read it all and I couldn’t help but stare at your pictures for more than 10 seconds. 😍😍..
    Really insightful post girl.


  8. I started yoga about two weeks ago because I was looking for an “easy” fitness routine that didn’t require me hopping like a kangaroo 🤦🏽‍♀️ Well turns out yoga isn’t easy, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and I sleep much better at night… but how you linked the lessons you learned doing yoga to real life is amazing and it makes so much sense. Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Very relatable lessons… I throw in a bit of YouTube yoga when I get to work out but I struggle with being consistent. I also relate with not achieving everything on your own…. There are some positions i love to try out but since there’s no one to help me out, It just ends up looking awkward. Thank you for sharing .. I enjoyed reading


  10. The only yoga pose I practice is, I guess it is called the snake pose, (I don’t know it’s name.) Just to straighten my spines. But now I am good. I plan getting more into Yoga more for its spiritual value than physical value, but I guess I can now kill both birds with one stone.

    Yoga community here I come. Chisom you will be amazed by how I look when we see again. (Just hope I remain faithful to routine)


  11. I can see myself in one of the pictures o and you dinnor tag me😠, but I forgive you mama yoga😀… thanks for the great post I’m super proud of you😄


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